Linda Tarrant

Managing Director

Linda founded Checkendon Equestrian Centre in 1991, with a view to creating a centre that would provide an environment that would benefit staff and clients. The horses’ and ponies’ welfare are her top priority. She believes Checkendon Equestrian Centre enhances people's lives.

Anna Lesniewska

Senior Coach/Care Manager

Anna joined the team in 2010 and is a qualified Equine Body Worker as well as Equine Sports Massage Therapist. She is passionate about horse health and rehabilitation. Anna coaches all ages, levels and abilities and enjoys teaching dressage.

Candice Skevington

Senior Coach(BHSII)

Candice joined the team in 2017. She came over to England from New Zealand to pursue an equine career and since being here has worked her way through her BHS qualifications and is current working toward her Stage 5 complete. She coaches all ages, levels and abilities and trains clients for their BHS qualifications.

Kim Padwick

Senior Yard Manager

Kim joined the team in 2014. She started riding here as a child and now plays a big role in the smooth running of the yard.

Eri Meramveliotaki


Eri joined the Team in 2016 to further her equine career in England and gain BHS qualifications. She is also passionate about horse-back archery and hopes one day to represent her country (Greece). Eri enjoys teaching children.

Dimitri Christou

BHAA Coach/BHS Coach/Groom/Maintenance

Dimitri joined the Team in 2016. He is head leader of the Hellenic horse-back archery team, and has represented Great Britain and Greece internationally. As well as a BHS coach, he is also qualified to teach horse-back archery.

Ellie Jones

Groom/Office Administrator

Ellie joined the team in 2017. She now plays a big role in the smooth running of the yard and office. Ellie is progressing through her BHS stages where she will be taking her stage 4 care this year.

Katie Hearn-Phillips


Katie has been with the team for seven years and know the horses inside out. Katie is the go to person if you need to find anything!

Katy Newcomb


Katy joined the team in 2016. Since achieving her level 3 extended diploma in equine management Katy is now working towards further BHS qualifications.

Amanda Knight

Senior Groom

Amanda joined the team in 2001 and is the longest serving member. She is the proud owner of the very popular school horse Bluebell and enjoys competing her in our monthly dressage competitions.

Karlene Simpson


Karlene joined the team in March 2020 and enjoys looking after our horses and particularly riding the ponies

Karen Crossman


Karen joined the team in 2014. She teaches every other Saturday and during the school holidays. She teaches all levels and is a very popular instructor.

Tara Martel


Tara joined the team in 2013 after a change in career brought her to Checkendon Equestrian Centre. She plays a big role in the maintenance and upkeep of the yard. She also appeared on Mastermind 2019.