The Eventers Challenge runs through the spring and summer months.

Competitors start with eight show jumping fences in the outdoor arena and then continue straight onto seven cross country fences.

Classes start at 60cm(2′) and go through to 90cm(3′).

There is a short timed section over some of the cross country fences.
Eventers Challenge 2021

Entries for all competitions can be made by email to

  • Name of Rider
  • Name of Horse
  • Date of Competition, and Class Numbers
  • Contact Telephone Number
  • Total entry fee payable.

We will email back confirmation that your entry has been received once payment of the total entry fee has been made by online transfer.

The Bank details for transfer are:

  • Account Number: Lovegroves Farm Limited
  • Sort code: 09-01-50
  • Account number :02072726

September 19th 2020

Class winners:

Class 1: Tracey Annison – Digby
Class 2: Tabitha Brake – Manoreilo Shanon
Class 3: Chloe Allen – Mouse
Class 4: Bella Smeeton – Porch