Checkendon Woods Spring Update

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While lockdown forces our visitors to stay at home this Spring, the Checkendon woods are flourishing. Creator and Curator, Toby Greenbury tells us what's going on in the woods today…

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Inside Out at Checkendon

Inside Out is a young educational charity for primary school children in Oxfordshire and Berkshire. Founded by Stephanie Weissman, Inside Out was inspired by the magical woods and horses of…

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Livery Life – Summer Round Up

  • Post category:Livery Yard

Phew! It's been a busy Summer of fun for the Checkendon Equestrian Centre liveries - from dressage to galloping to strutting-their-stuff in the show ring. Let's take look at what…

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Ode to Pedro

Pedro is a massive horse, not getting any thinner; That's because he likes his food, especially his dinner; I've seen him eat all sorts of things, he must have hollow…

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Pepsi the Peril!

"Beware! Take care!" your colleagues will shout; "Please close the door or he will get out!" All you'll perceive (and this won't make your day); Is clattering hooves and a…

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